Strapping, Lashing, Buckles and Tools from Amass
will have all your transportation needs covered

Strapping for Road Transport

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Strapping for Ship Transport

Strapping for Train Transport

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We support the following initiatives for development of India

Amass Strapping Solution completely believes & supports initiatives driven in our country for the betterment & development of our country, Entrepreneurs & the bright minds that are leaving our country for a better future.

Amass firmly believes in Make In India project giving our countries Entrepreneurs to open and expand their successful business strategies & plans in India followed by Digital India to empower India by the power of digitisation and creating our digital presence in this world of technology.

Amass strongly supports Skill India - Kaushal Bharat, Kushal Bharat by empowering the bright minds and giving them the power and environment to make India - The Skill capital of the World and Amass also supports Swachcha Bharat - Ek Kadam Swachchta Ki Aur , Initiative for a clean, green and better India.

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