Composite Cord Strap which is also known as ‘synthetic steel’ is the first generation of non-metallic polyester strapping. Our composite cord strapping made of high tenacity polyester which offered wide range of load-securing applications. Our special ingredients of coating ensures an optimal compound with the polyester and at the same time resistant to most chemical solvents, corrosion, weather etc. Our strap is easy to use and safer as it' s maintain strength throughout with negligible elongation. It’s so easy to swipe from steel strap to composite cord strap.


  • High System Strength with light weight
  • Corrosion resistance and Weatherproof (UV radiation)
  • Re-tensionable and shock absorbents
  • Easy disposable
Sr. No.Strap Size Width (mm)Break Load (Kg)System Strength (Kg)Meters per coilCoils per box
113215 36011002
216300 490850 2
4257301280500 2
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